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Resource Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all recruitment and employment policies and evaluate all job requirements for all special projects and develop and implement all human resource policies and procedures according to employee booklet.

Analyze all organization requirements and ensure compliance to all legislations and manage all human resource information and schedule all resources for implementation of client requirements and assist in acquisition of resources.

Prepare logs of all service start up and maintain track of all job system and generate various reports.

Evaluate all resources prior to all meetings and prepare documents for same and assist to obtain all approvals and record commend from various departments and prepare layout for same.

Coordinate with project managers and directors to maintain record of all resources and its availability and analyze all backlogs to ensure delivery of projects within required timeframe.

Maintain integrity of all data through standard processes and collaborate with project managers to forecast all resource requirements of projects and perform research for all special projects.

Coordinate with human resource department to design all strategies and ensure effectiveness of all organizational policies and schedule all client calls and prepare all reports for same.

Maintain online database and ensure maximization of all resources and track all databases and assist to streamline all processes for customers.

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