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Staffing Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Stimulate development of customer relationships in suitable territory by site visits, apt social activities and telephone communication.

Utilize established methods to steadily clarify customer expectations.

Establish goals and objective to advance customer partnerships.

Hire, monitor, counsel, analyze, discipline and suggest changes in employee status.

Consistently orient or on-board new executives to standards setup for every customer.

Administer organization policies and procedures.

Maintain flow of applicant by ads placement, develop recruiting sources and execute weekly plus monthly recruiting source reports.

Review regularly work orders as well as interact with customers.

Support to prepare proposals as well as customer service agreements for all new accounts.

Update customer precise tracking databases for transfers, new hire and turnovers.

Ensure consistency amongst internal software program and database.

Prepare and update staffing orientations for new and existing clients.

Participate in all safety initiatives and recommend solutions for process improvement.

Participate actively in different civic as well as community functions.

Support in on boarding process for all new employees.

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