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Staffing Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Manage staffing requirements of customer using ABM’s Corporate Service Standard inclusive of Quality Performance Program for entire services rendered.

Improve programs related to training, recognition recruiting and retention.

Ensure to provide optimum customer service always.

Execute employee’s orientation program complying with established customer’s policies.

Monitor and respond to all personnel issues as well as concerns quickly plus effectively.

Ensure to counsel all employees effectively to accomplish productivity as well as quality goals.

Ensure to anticipate all needs of customer.

Manage tracking reports every month on basis of Quality Performance results or various determined criteria.

Monitor performance of On-Site Staffing Specialist as necessary.

Execute duties of On-Site Supervisor as well as On-Site Staffing Coordinator.

Prepare branch recruiting plan to stimulate development of pools of all hired candidates.

Maintain and lead online recruiting, referral programs, media plus job fairs along with community outreach initiatives.

Ensure to recruit, screen, hire, train and assign employees.

Ensure to operate within company policy, exercise discretion as well as judge independently to make decisions.

Ensure to focus on expense, cost-of-service management and profitable pricing to attain targeted contribution.

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