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Talent Acquisition Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all sales sessions and assist to identify appropriate internal and external resources to facilitate manage all talent.

Design and implement and document all processes of business recruiting team and collaborate with managers according to required business unit recruiting team process.

Monitor all recruitment processes and maintain efficiency of all programs and provide required training to all recruiters and managers and provide enhancement to all programs.

Design various recruitment procedures and prepare strategies for all client groups and provide assistance to all human resource employees.

Prepare required talent acquisition strategies and assist to select appropriate application for all business units and utilize various assessment tools and perform tests on same.

Interview all candidates and ensure response to all client questions and assist in pre screening of all internal candidates.

Implement all recruitment plans efficiently and design and maintain talent database and assist interview and assessment of all candidates.

Coordinate with talent acquisition coordinator to perform all background checks and administer all activities and maintain efficient relationship new graduates.

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