Talent Acquisition Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and maintain efficient relationships with all hiring managers and administer all recruitment activities for various projects.

Provide assistance to all hiring managers and human resource personnel.

Provide update all recruitment process and design all talent acquisition processes and provide support to performance and ensure effectiveness of all projects.

Provide continuous improvement to all service levels and assist in effectiveness of all costs processes and supervise all vendor policies and programs for all recruitment services.

Evaluate all contracts for resources and ensure effective services and design various strategies to use all workforce resource and assist to manage talent acquisition process for assign region.

Interview and process all letters and analyze all operations and provide research for all staff effectiveness and ensure compliance to all establish practices.

Implement various strategies and ensure effective implementation of all compensation practices.

Assist various business units and establish appropriate human capital requirements and assist in all talent acquisition process.

Provide subject matter expertise in all staffing policies and processes and maintain knowledge on all equal employment opportunity regulations.

Maintain knowledge on all industry trends to ensure compliance to all recruitment guidelines and assist recruitment team to design all performance standards.

Determine all recruitment strategies for all executive positions.

Develop and maintain efficient relationships with all hiring managers within required timeframe and assist to obtain all necessary approvals for candidate recruitment.

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