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Talent Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain all talent requirements for organization and prioritize all work and assist all internal hiring manager to maintain knowledge on candidate qualifications and schedule all telephone interviews.

Supervise all candidates and monitor all interviews and maintain appropriate recruitment status reports and analyze all metrics and assist to implement all recruitment strategies.

Participate in various job fairs and prepare efficient network of all talent and develop and implement various strategies for all training programs and participate in various training programs.

Prepare required training programs to achieve all development objectives.

Maintain an efficient electronic learning management systems to retain all employees and assist all hiring managers in development assessment processes.

Prepare reports and track all candidate status and schedule interviews with all candidates.

Analyze all training requirements in coordination with managers and vendors and administer recruitment process.

Maintain strategies for same and maintain quality of all candidates and prepare in various strategic events.

Participate in various special projects and ensure optimal utilization of all development resources.

Maintain all job descriptions and maintain quality for same and design various potential employee retention for assign area and provide support to all recruitment processes.

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