HVAC Service Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all air conditioning units and schedule maintenance of all heating and cooling units and monitor all malfunctions on mechanical processes and install repair all equipments.

Install all required metal ductwork and inspect all liquid and vapor instruments to ensure efficiency of all operations and maintain internal electrical and electronic control systems.

Monitor all processes and ensure compliance all safety regulations and identify and prepare reports for any violations and maintain efficient records for all office and state regulations within required timeframe.

Maintain neat and clean uniforms at all times and prepare repairs and validate all commercial HVAC systems and maintain knowledge on all control strategies and install all hardware and refrigerants.

Document all project activities and maintain files for same and monitor inventory for all customer parts and perform preventative maintenance on all customer complaints.

Analyze and recommend improvements to all business performance and maintain optimal customer services and manage all value added processes.

Maintain truck stock inventory and ensure compliance to all standards and guidelines and inspect all systems and components and maintain safety of products at all times.

Assist to identify all issues in equipments and perform repair on systems and perform required preventive maintenance for all HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Perform repair on various systems and maintain safe working conditions and manage all equipments and supplies for processes and perform all required installation and repair and complete all work processes.

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