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Flow Assurance Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with experienced engineers and supervise work in coordiantion Project Manager.

Provide necessary assistance to AODAT team and perform required evaluations as per ad hoc discussions.

Assist Facilities Engineering Manager and ensure effective practices for same.

Administer efficient Flow Assurance input in terms of work scope and prepare launch bids and offer feedbacks to employees for better output.

Participate in various safety management programs which cover HAZID and HAZOP activities.

Prepare report and maintain effective communication process in coordination with Flow Assistance Engineer.

Attend and participate in various training programs and develop same for organization.

Guide, suggest and maintain all flow assurance studies effectively.

Determine and monitor all preservation plans and improve creative strategies for all processes.

Analyze all issues and provide solutions for all processes based on recommendation.

Prepare documents and develop flow assurance research oriented programs.

Administer all system requirements and prepare documents for all designs.

Design functional specification and enhance conceptualization of computers and laptops for better performance.

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