Industrial Hygienist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with maintenance contractor management and industrial hygiene department and design all required hygiene programs and evaluate and monitor all data to ensure absence of exposure to any hazardous materials and recommend solutions for same.

Monitor all data for contractor and ensure accuracy in same and administer all results required for medical surveillance programs and collaborate with contractor safety department to monitor data and provide support to all medical surveillance data.

Prepare reports for all test results on industrial hygiene and monitor same and recommend changes if required and develop appropriate work procedures to ensure absence of any occupational health hazard.

Monitor all regulatory agencies and ensure adherence to all new regulations and ensure adherence to all safety and health regulations and monitor inventory of all calibrated instruments and sample collection devices and evaluate all instrument technology and recommend appropriate purchases.

Maintain subject matter expertise for all maintenance contractors for all industrial hygiene programs and develop effective training programs to prevent all kinds of occupational illness and diseases for all maintenance contractors.

Evaluate all ergonomic activities and recommend improvements to same and participate in all contractor safety association meetings and events and provide technical expertise to resolve all industrial issues.

Design and execute all industrial hygiene strategies and document all electronic and manual tools for all processes.

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