Industrial Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Determine all operational methods according to required work standards and analyze all information to resolve specific issues such as optimal utilization of personnel and materials.

Coordinate with engineering department and outside suppliers and recommend changes to layout and maintain control on all labor and material costs.

Ensure optimal utilization of all personnel and materials and provide support to all SPQRC processes and ensure achievement of all safety and cost objectives.

Develop and maintain all multi variable standards ad schedule all validation of designs and provide require training to staff and prepare documents for all methods and procedures for engineering processes.

Provide support to all industrial budget and prepare design of facility layout and assist to handle all materials and equipments and assist to improve all costs and analyze same and design plan to eliminate all waste from industrial processes.

Maintain and update ManMan system and evaluate all building layouts and recommend improvements to all product flow.

Design and execute all processes and recommend improvements to same and ensure efficiency of all production processes and analyze manufacturing processes.

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