Industrial Engineering Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and evaluate efficient working of all projects and administer all processes and methods according to required supply standards and systems.

Assist to organize and approve all labor and supply cost annually and prepare reports to measure all labor performance.

Analyze all product costs and assist to reduce all negative variance on same and prepare strategies to reduce labor and wastage in all engineering projects.

Assist Industrial Engineering department to design business plans and develop salary for all employees and prepare all required reports on weekly and monthly basis and manage all communication with production management.

Develop salary model budgets for all industrial engineering processes and provide support to all world class manufacturing facilities and analyze all easte elimination plans and develop appropriate factory flow analysis on processes.

Maintain and update knowledge for all manufacturing engineering processes and design all processes for manpower and associate program and monitor all productivity and ensure compliance to all safety standards.

Evaluate and perform investigation on all variances for all planned and actual results for industrial processes and maintain track of all information and ensure integrity of all results for processes.

Supervise reporting processes on everyday basis and manage everyday activities and ensure adherence to all fiscal budgets and prepare strategic models.

Provide an efficient interface with various departments and provide support to all key staff members and design all strategies.

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