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Product Development Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze business requirements and prepare documents for process flows.

Monitor efficient working of all projects and ensure compliance to project plan.

Coordinate with team to resolve all issues and supervise meetings for same.

Administer all projects and ensure completion within required timeframe.

Monitor all aspects of products such as pricing and legal requirements.

Maintain knowledge on all regulation issues and competitor business.

Manage all products in product line and maintain knowledge of pricing for individual product.

Allocate appropriate resources for project and prioritize projects.

Coordinate with product management team and perform product testing on various process.

Manage various teams and identify representatives for same.

Administer all user centric designs and ensure compliance to key deliverables.

Identify all issues and resolve it effectively to achieve all objectives.

Coordinate with stakeholders and product management teams and prepare required documents.

Manage projects for product life cycle development.

Train staff for all operation business activities and maintain consistency in same.

Coordinate with various departments and prepare list of market requirements and prioritize work.

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