Information Assurance Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Maintain efficient knowledge of all systems and engineering processes and evaluate all systems and ensure compliance with all security standards.

Administer multiple computing systems and evaluate all certification standards and assist to implement all DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides and provide efficient training to IA engineers for all security processes.

Analyze all complex engineering system issues and provide efficient resolution for same and coordinate with all technical and geographic teams to prepare all project schedules.

Collaborate with external department and analyze all IA activities and address all issues and perform assessment of activities and ensure optimal quality of all issues.

Documents all countermeasures for information services and assist to identify all signatures and assist to address all issues and recommend all automate solutions for various issues.

Assist to identify all damage control and determine appropriate methods for same and assist to perform all computer forensics and recommend efficient solutions for all IA issues and maintain working knowledge of all activities and validate all secure systems.

Review all vulnerability for all information systems and perform network scans for all tools and develop and implement all security solutions for all hardware and software issues and recommend modification as per requirement.

Maintain and provide updates to all databases and perform security tests and evaluations and ensure compliance to all IA controls and perform risk analysis on all processes and assist to mitigate all risks.

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