Information Systems Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

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Maintain Financial Information System knowledge.

Develop and document systems policies and standards and support system users.

Liaise with Office of Information Technology and coordinate system modifications and updates.

Use report writer tools like Discoverer and Oracle applications to extract data from central databases.

Develop programs for retrieving system data, produce financial statements and draft reports.

Support to maintain, develop and oversee Financial Information System internal controls.

Determine and correct errors in transaction processing and accounting.

Resolve system problems, train and support office staff and system users.

Maintain Financial Information Systems processing schedule, produce annual operations calendar to distribute to system users.

Suggest and execute procedures to improve Financial Services Office systems workflow and train support staff.

Develop, maintain and modify Web pages and web application for Financial Services.

Support departments reporting to Vice President of Finance and Administration to assess technological needs, software purchases and hardware upgrades.

Design, test and execute computerized systems and functions used in Financial Services and Finance Administration.

Liaise with Office of Human Resources on HR/Payroll Information System.

Understand database, suggest changes to database elements and transfer financial or budget information.

Support Information Systems Manager with projects, audits and reports.

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