Information Technology Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Handle technical projects’ or definable portion of larger technical program’s performance.

Direct and monitor support resources for project assignments’ performance.

Direct project through design, execution and testing as per project objectives.

Train and direct employee work activities.

Sign timecards, review performance, handle discipline problems and offer input to hiring and firing.

Manage website through computer applications coordinating with information technology department.

Train on posting and update information on website.

Develop and enforce web page design guidelines.

Manage Geographic Information System maps and information.

Lead agency Technology Committee as communications and input channel on technology strategy.

Develop and lead projects to execute agency’s technology plan.

Hire and review within IT department.

Monitor IT staff to ensure they competently perform tasks assigned and evaluate performance.

Work in small team and support performance of routine operational tasks.

Set up computer use policies for agency, cover usage, information security and privacy.

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