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Clinical Informatics Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all clinical activities with help of latest technology and analyze all IT processes and procedures and recommend ways to improve all processes.

Manage all data and provide support to all clinical informatics and maintain and update knowledge on all technology software.

Identify and provide resolution for all informatics issues and provide support to all patient services and maintain an efficient application system and provide all required upgrades and patches to business systems.

Administer and maintain knowledge on all clinical systems and application and provide assistance to all system users and provide subject matter expertise on all clinical informatics systems and perform all programming.

Develop all clinical informatics protocols and policies and ensure compliance to all developed quality metrics in all processes and participate in implementation of all policies.

Monitor all workflow of processes and maintain records of all design and analyze processes to measure all redesigns and ensure optimal level of patient care.

Administer all entry line teams and provide enhancement to all EMR order and develop various quality improvements plans and processes and ensure safety.

Analyze and recommend enhancements to clinical processes and monitor all business functions and coordinate with various teams and maximize working of all processes.

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