Coding Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate and validate all codes various coding services and provide accurate procedures and evaluate all codes for all processes.

Perform audit on all clinical documents and prepare code to provide support to all services and prepare required reports and evaluate all documents and analyze all results for treatment.

Perform research on various coding methods and facilitate all plans to resolve all discrepancies and coordinate with all clinical and non clinical groups to manage all documents according to required guidelines.

Administer professional billing systems and perform research to resolve all coding errors and evaluate all queues and perform all coding entry.

Prepare and maintain procedure code master file and evaluate authenticity of all entries and evaluate all reimbursement required by third party payers through efficient usage of codes.

Analyze all code master files for all inappropriate codes and inform staff for same and collaborate with staff to resolve all coding issues and ensure accuracy of same.

Manage and resolve all discrepancies in entry of codes and maintain knowledge on all procedural codes and reimbursement plans and prepare reports for all coding guidelines.

Maintain knowledge for fee schedule in coordination with physician and identify and perform require editing in all codes and provide variances for same.

Evaluate all data entries for medical records and assist to prepare all statistics for billing and provide subject matter expertise to coding staff.

Train junior staff in all coding requirements and provide all information as per institute laws and regulations.

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