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Computer Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Handle booting, data input, electronic data transfers and generate various forms of computer printouts.

Assure database security and integrity.

Establish recovery procedures and maintenance and review abnormal terminations and backup library.

Account for computer files on paper, tape and disk and make available efficient flow of work.

Distribute specified reports.

Resolve computer software problems and oversee hardware performance to assure effective utilization of software.

Install, configure, maintain and record firewalls, switches and routers.

Control and manage Exchange Server and Active Directory.

Install and manage Windows based servers.

Educate customers on new products and computer applications.

Assist, manage and resolve hardware and software issues.

Develop IT equipment and process related documentation.

Troubleshoot and reply to trouble tickets on time.

Conduct corrective and preventive maintenance.

Evaluate and implement new microcomputer related technologies and products.

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