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Data Architect Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with clients, data users and key stakeholders and develop and achieve various long term objectives for data architecture.

Design short term resolutions to achieve all goals and prepare data roadmap for management.

Determine procedure to identify and collect all required data, validate process and recommend improvements to corporate data.

Oversaw and monitor all frameworks to manage data across organization.

Design and provide support to all data management methodologies according to required standards.

Monitor and identify appropriate equipments, tools and systems to achieve all data technology goals.

Administer mapping of all data sources and movement and analyze it to ensure appropriate quality of all data.

Coordinate with project supervisors and business heads and manages all projects regarding enterprise data.

Manage various data associate problems such as system configuration and integration on multiple platforms.

Provide training to manage various data and ensure enhancement in staff working.

Develop key metrics for tests on data and ensure integrity of same on data architecture.

Prepare documents for data architecture and maintain knowledge on large data structure as well.

Design annual technology business plans.

Collaborate with new and existing external vendors and provide support to all objectives and assist to create various data architecture.

Analyze information flow and recommend appropriate technology to provide support to all business processes.

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