Data Warehouse Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Develop plans to gather all business requirements for enterprise.

Design and execute an innovative reporting system for processes.

Monitor efficient transition of business requirements to technical specifications.

Monitor that the business requirements are correctly translated into technical specifications.

Coordinate with various work groups and design improvements to various enterprise management plans and prepare reports for same.

Analyze system requirements and gather all business information for same.

Prepare all training and administration documents.

Assist departments to prepare data mining processes and develop designs for metadata.

Monitor compatibility of all data delivery tools and warehouse and ensure effective resolution for same.

Evaluate all training programs for end users and provide support for same.

Design and implement various reports and prepare dashboards.

Administer backup recovery processes for all SQL Server.

Install all SQL Server and perform upgrades.

Provide technical support in database implementation and deployment.

Analyze and recommend improvements to processes.

Participate in various project meetings and prepare applications for database.

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