Director Technology Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with business partners across organization to identify opportunities and drive growth.

Direct development and delivery of software solutions to meet customer needs.

Identify and execute business process improvements related to technical applications, systems and client implementations.

Contribute in key customer meetings to promote existing relationships.

Represent company’s software development expertise in winning of new business along with sales department.

Coordinate with senior leadership across organization and stimulate overall resource allocation as best fits business objectives.

Identify priorities and communicate technology impacts throughout decision making process.

Forecast, plan, research and select new technologies enabling company to attain business goals.

Lead and direct interdepartmental teams towards integration of these new services into organizational network.

Provide strategic direction for technical assessment, definition, prioritization, architecture, design and deployment of new products and services.

Negotiate and manage critical vendor relationships to maximize value and timeliness of external innovations.

Provide strong thought leadership on LTE, WiFi, and other emerging technologies.

Analyze various technical solutions and recommend based on technical and financial merits.

Ensure proposed new features and capabilities integrated into existing networks using company current and future network technologies.

Identify and investigate advanced technologies offering company significant technical and financial benefits.

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