Information Assurance Security Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all security environments and provide anti virus solutions for all and provide support to all security environment with help of various applications and implement all DoD standards and develop all IA policies and provide certification and accreditation for same.

Perform risk analysis on all computer systems and applications for all network life cycle and manage all communication with personnel and assist in transition of all security policies in Information Assurance configurations.

Administer all handling processes and analyze all data and assist to compile all complex data and design all required workflows and procedures and assist to resolve all issues within required timeframe.

Analyze all processes and assist to make appropriate decisions for same and manage all customer situations as per customer requirement and provide appropriate response to all service requests.

Provide efficient feedback to all processes and ensure achievement of all goals and objectives and design all implementation plans and manage communication for all changes and administer all transitions for same.

Manage various work activities and prioritize all work for additional resources and assist to achieve all objectives and goals and prepare schedule of all tasks.

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