Information Security Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Revise and analyze IT operations and systems, hardware configurations, physical security and operating procedures across organization.

Consult and comply with set controls, standards, policies and procedures while carrying out IT activities.

Search technology and reduce risks in every information security segment.

Suggest measures to improve IT related procedures, operations, processes and systems throughout organization.

Implement penetration testing along with ethical hacking.

Suggest and execute IT technologies, strategies and policies to guard customer’s information assets.

Implement security risk analysis for current and new systems to find system weaknesses or disclosures.

Recommend solutions for explaining risks and reducing exposure areas.

Prepare security program plans and execute IT controls, processes, audit tools, interfaces and utilities for authentication.

Perform as chief for audits and security aspects.

Support and provide consultancy for audit compliance actions.

Implement periodic, on-demand project audits plus vulnerability analysis.

Determine compliance through user accounts, application usage, system file and outside scans.

Perform independently in team implementing security and privacy engagements.

Review client networks and applications.

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