Infrastructure Architect Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate technology, market trends and industry plus identify prospective impact on business.

Participate to develop and manage ongoing enterprise architecture governance structure on basis of business plus IT strategies.

Perform as sounding board as well as IT consultant and business leaders to develop IT infrastructure solutions.

Promote organization architecture process and results to organization inclusive of business leaders and enterprise’s IT.

Lead and direct to prepare governing principles to guide decision making pertinent to infrastructure architecture.

Develop implementation plan for infrastructure architecture on basis of IT strategies and business requirements.

Ensure optimal governance structure and comply with activities related to infrastructure architecture adherence.

Enforce infrastructure architecture execution as well as ongoing refinement tasks.

Stimulate evaluation plus selection of entire infrastructure architecture standards commensurate with IT’s business partners.

Consult project teams to fit infrastructure architecture assignments and identify need to modify infrastructure architecture to attain project requirements.

Identify need to change technical architecture to incorporate infrastructure needs.

Consult with project teams of infrastructure development to fit entire architecture infrastructure.

Identify enterprise requirements for structures, resources and cultural modifications required to support infrastructure architecture.

Ensure documentation of entire architecture design and evaluation work.

Develop and execute communication plus education plan for infrastructure architecture.

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