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Infrastructure Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Design and execute short plus long term strategic plans to assure infrastructure capacity attains current and future needs.

Develop, execute and oversee procedures, policies and related training plans for project management and infrastructure administration.

Manage and establish priorities for maintenance, design, development and analysis of entire infrastructure systems inclusive of LANs, WANs, internet, security and wireless implementations.

Conduct research and recommend changes in services, products, protocols and standards to support development efforts and infrastructure procurement.

Supervise data center group and lead, direct and utilize knowledge on best practices in area related to infrastructure.

Define and manage IT Disaster Recovery Strategy for organization.

Define software and hardware standards in collaboration with stakeholders and owners.

Test server performance plus provide network presentation statistics.

Report and prepare strategies to maintain server infrastructure.

Ensure apt security levels on network, infrastructure and servers are maintained.

Oversee operational costs, conduct near along with long-term financial estimates for expanded functionality and user base.

Direct and administer conditional network analysts plus technicians to provide leadership and direction.

Ensure to practice IT asset management inclusive of component inventory maintenance and associated documentation.

Negotiate with outsourcers, vendors and contractors for infrastructure-specific products and services secure.

Perform feasibility studies for different upgrade projects, conversions and improvements.

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