Infrastructure Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Identify infrastructure goals and project delivery clearly.

Define all activities necessary to acquire project goals and objectives.

Identify needed members for project team.

Record document concisely and clearly all project plan.

Identify prime risks and limitations within project plan.

Evaluate and determine plan variance from project performance.

Oversee precise project results to identify if relevant quality standards area attained.

Collect and present performance information related to infrastructure projects.

Identify prospective conformance and rigid concerns associated with project initiatives.

Identify probable impact to associates, clients and shareholders.

Perform with subject matter experts all through organization to gather entire business needs required to attain project goals.

Conduct change throughout project inclusive of schedule, scope and team membership.

Collaborate effectively with infrastructure associates across entire business units along with management levels.

Identify prime cause of contention or disagreement plus recommend corrections as necessary.

Ensure to capture, prioritize and solve project problems in organized manner.

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