Infrastructure Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate and recommend necessary changes in performance tuning, infrastructure design and monitoring.

Conduct extreme complex technical evaluation and suggest proposed physical architectures along with detailed designs.

Head responsibility to install, configure and maintain applications with IT infrastructure.

Analyze problems, evaluate technical issues, test, maintain, modify, integrate, monitor and ensure to automate software systems.

Conduct long range strategic plans of IT infrastructure plus operational aspects of application execution within infrastructure.

Handle organization-wide windows based application projects of complex to ensure applications optimal performance and related infrastructure.

Configure complex and visible integration aspects like MW connectivity, database connectivity and SOAP calls to attain business requirements.

Execute application-level SSL plus configure mutual validation for back-end systems communication.

Support install applications for system production and test to ensure maximum support through applying best practices.

Execute technology successfully by minimal downtime as well as disruption.

Write infrastructure related scripts to automate all manual tasks plus streamline operational activities.

Provide general framework plus environment to assist application developers and maintain activities.

Involve actively in teams of cross functional project to assist solve problems inclusive of different technologies straddling multiple work groups.

Consult project engineers and managers to assure technology is suitably deployed and used to deliver applications along with technology solutions.

Conduct complex technical evaluation, design review and recommend proposed physical and logical designs.

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