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Integration Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Assist to perform all installations in operating and procedure room and perform regular assessment of technology and provide support to all sales team.

Provide technical services for all project closures and provide support to all sales activities and design required training programs and materials.

Manage all feedback from sales and customers and maintain optimal level of customer satisfaction at all times and provide after sale services to all accounts.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all health architects.

Assist in various integration services and assist product management with various new ideas and design an efficient business plan.

Collaborate with clients and business stakeholders and assist in development process and ensure compliance to all requirements.

Provide an efficient interface for all design requirements.

Review all solution architectures and components and analyze al client requirements for integration processes and ensure adherence to same.

Assist all clients in integration requirements and prepare design and document all processes as per complexity requirements.

Provide technical education to all partners and maintain efficient quality of work for both internal and external customers.

Design all system tests and provide support to all user acceptance tests and assist project manager to ensure compliance to all customer requirements.

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