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Integration Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with integration team to design and documents all software integrations for third party days and design solutions with third party vendors.

Provide an efficient interface with all clients and specialists and deploy various integration processes and administer all programming components to facilitate various growth activities.

Supervise various activities for all integration of software applications for information systems and ensure adherence to technical architecture and maintain implement same.

Prepare plans and implement all internet architecture for all e-government processes.

Coordinate with application services and to implement all integration strategies and administer integration of all applications.

Provide support to all window applications and ensure appropriate integration of various technologies such as SQL server and provide support to all package applications and plan and manage various SQL Server databases.

Perform troubleshoot on all production issues and recommend appropriate solutions for same and monitor all engine maintenance activities.

Administer all production support requests and prepare status reports for same and coordinate with development team to ensure change in all policies and procedures.

Maintain knowledge on all new technology and provide required training and coordinate with various teams to provide support to all new acquired sites.

Develop various applications for all business projects and coordinate with database technologies for all web transactions.

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