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Management Information Systems Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Manage information systems plus databases to format as well as retrieve data for qualitative and quantitative evaluation and reporting.

Develop queries and lead interdisciplinary teams for project-related activities inclusive of gathering user requirements.

Evaluate human or system solutions, convey business processes plus system requirements and record system issues.

Develop and execute system test plans along with verify system improvements and fixes.

Coordinate all activities between IT, staff and various internal departments and outside agencies as well as vendors.

Ensure to integrate of new as well as upcoming technology systems.

Perform as resource to all internal departments to plan, develop and control information systems plus workplace automation.

Participate in various vendor-related activities.

Develop and prepare physical database design on basis of logical data models through employing program along with business requirements and evaluations.

Perform professionally with system users to assure information system strategies are associated with Finance, Payroll, Business and Personnel needs.

Research and develop entire database administration.

Maintain, analyze, evaluate and update security settings and database integrity.

Maintain and manage detailed accounting of security and users access to system software.

Audit, modify and change data in systems as well as monitor and report on system usage.

Provide technical supervision and consultation to users.

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