IT Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain information technology tools and provide support to quality, clinical trials operations and regulatory affairs.

Provide assistance to students and transfer required information between sites.

Monitor software development life cycle policy of company and ensure compliance for all validations.

Determine appropriate IT standard tools and work practices and ensure utilization on platform and assist in continuous upgradation schemes.

Assist and monitor working of IT staff and supervise resource collection process as per business plan.

Develop plans and enhance efficient management of defined service level agreement at agreed upon budgets.

Monitor all association with system integrators to provide projects of medium.

Develop and maintain good professional relationships with business and IT partners.

Manage all communication with stakeholders on regular basis.

Participate in various IT job oriented program and succession planning process.

Prepare and ensure maintenance of budget for all IT programs and tools.

Perform research to discover and invent new technology.

Provide efficient training services to all IT users.

Maintain and manage all internal and external relationship and ensure maximization of value to all businesses.

Deliver input to and evaluate budget on regular basis.

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