IT Network Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with IT team members and manager and resolve all technical problems.

Evaluate all enterprise performance data and provide upgrade to systems and ensure effective working of network systems.

Analyze IT Network and determine solution for all shortcoming and identify all required hardware and software operating system and perform maintenance on sa,e.

Administer and provide backup to all VoIP infrastructure.

Monitor all voice and data communication projects and recommend improvements to existing infrastructure.

Perform review on all new technical aspects to ensure perfect system design.

Coordinate and provide technical support for routing and voice configuration and assist in restoring service.

Provide indirect support on rotational basis and provide assistance to bound engineers for all network issues.

Supervise all experiments for disaster recovery plans and identify technical snarls and errors on IT network.

Prepare and maintain required documentation and prepare reports as required.

Provide backup to all operations of networking services and evaluate all network problems.

Analyze and recommend effective designs for all IT networks.

Maintain records of design specification and prepare codes in writing.

Monitor and resolve all complicated issues and engineering problems.

Provide backup and upgrade quality of junior engineers.

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