Information Technology Professional Responsibilities and Duties

Extend complex and independent support in system operations, system administration and hardware support.

Analyze design, modify and support computer systems and subsystems.

Consult with client office on computer infrastructure needs to determine hardware and software purchases.

Develop and execute Microsoft systems and technology solutions for clients.

Install, execute and support systems software and hardware products.

Extend primary support for Active Directory, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint and systems.

Troubleshoot issues and interact to discuss projects, technology solutions and respond to questions on systems and technologies.

Coordinate with IT staff, study coordinators, managers, center staff and collaborators from study centers.

Set up working collaborations and liaise with study centers and organizations.

Initiate and execute software package implementation and project upgrade.

Deliver technology systems to disseminate imagery, publications and web based intelligence products.

Initiate and evaluate systems capabilities to support intelligence requirements.

Assess technology enhancing systems.

Develop technical standards and specifications.

Develop and manage computer systems and application programs.

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