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Regional IT Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Interact directly with all departments’ heads to identify needs.

Establish ideal application plan and develop design for needed files, programs and reports.

Train and monitor executives to ensure complete understanding of implementation plan in every aspect.

Head and stimulate department team to attain set standards and objectives.

Suggest new technologies, equipments and systems to assist changing requirements.

Update evolving technologies and recommend improved equipment and systems.

Establish required rules and regulations for data, role, systems and limits secure for each user.

Develop and maintain relations between network users according to given guidelines.

Oversee all employees in systems, computers and information departments to check for programmers and computer users.

Manage and monitor quality services of application maintenance.

Manage and supervise application improvements implementations.

Report on service delivery and application performance.

Head responsibility to administer and support ERP system.

Conduct audit of infrastructure, IT contracts and organization on markets.

Prepare and maintain apt disaster recovery plans for consistent business operations.

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