Information Security Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Help Information Technology security project and ensure to safeguards accurately at right place on right time.

Facilitate coordination between information security systems for project.

Ensure to consider IT system security needs at time of development and implementation.

Develop and manage project level documents and plans.

Conduct vulnerability assessments and control to find weaknesses and analyze existing controls effectiveness and suggest remedial action.

Report residual risk, security exposures, vulnerabilities, noncompliance and maltreatment of information assets to IT security management.

Involve in reviews of projects, incident debriefs and analysis findings to identify problems and gaps.

Search solutions for continuous improvement and changes to improve communication and education plans.

Perform advisory role in acquisition projects to analyze security needs and controls.

Ensure security controls are executed according to prepared plan.

Merge key IT projects to ensure security matters are responded across project life cycle.

Support developing business cases to set, improve and modify business groups, technologies and functions.

Establish, produce and enhance information security, risk and conformance to operational security activities.

Participate actively in development of security policies, principles, architecture and standards.

Suggest and verify baseline security configurations for applications, operating systems, networking along with telecommunications equipment.

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