IT Security Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all security incidents handling and participate in all mitigation processes and perform various security audits and analyze various system logs and prepare required various events.

Coordinate with various departments to evaluate all products and recommend appropriate products to enhance network securities and perform tests on architecture.

Analyze all engineering processes and provide support to all firewalls and network for operating systems and scan all network devices and assist in vulnerability mitigation process.

Prepare and maintain all documents for all processes and manage all security technologies for information network and prepare all training materials for site personnel to increase security performance and perform various tests on all security products and systems.

Design and enforce all security standards and procedures in systems and design all security policies and guidelines for all system security processes.

Provide support to all customers and identify and resolve all issues and provide efficient training to new employees to understand all security procedures and maintain protection for all information systems.

Assist all project teams and business units and provide consultation to all security processes and resolve all security issues effectively.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all internal and external customers and coordinate with vendors to provide optimal solutions to resolve all customer issues and provide support to all system design.

Maintain subject matter expertise on all information security processes and maintain all technology according to required standards.

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