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IT Support Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all network issues and monitor all tasks and escalate issues and provide effective resolutions for all IT issues and coordinate with partners and vendors to resolve all network issues effectively.

Assist all end users to perform troubleshoot on all procedures and provide updates on trouble tickers to resolve all issues effectively and prepare all documents for policy manuals and provide IT support for organization.

Analyze all trends for IT issues and prepare reports for same and maintain and update Configuration Management Database on regular basis and perform troubleshoot on all hardware, software and equipments.

Ensure compliance to all IT support operating procedures and ensure accuracy in all logs and manage all technical and business resources and maintain knowledge on all technical changes and provide training to all new employees.

Analyze all network system, recommend improvements to same and prepare various reports on all surveys and trends and manage all network related information and provide support to all IT procedures and maintain good professional relationship with all network users and resolve all issues.

Prepare an effective and comprehensive training plan for all IT procedures and provide required backup coverage and assist all infrastructure personnel to provide all preventative solutions and recommend improvements to all performances of IT components.

Provide optimal level of customer services and administer all service calls for desk programs and perform troubleshoot on all hardware and wireless devices.

Assist to configure computer system with help of various individual components and perform all software installations and perform troubleshoot on all window programs and assist to manage all network components effectively.

Perform troubleshoot on all operating systems with help of all MS resources and maintain all domain accounts and develop various tests for production systems.

Administer all web pages with help of HTML Editor and perform all administrative tasks for IT Support team and monitor and ensure response to all end user requests.

Supervise and resolve all hardware and software issues and assist to configure all new systems and perform tests on all deployment projects.

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