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IT Support Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all technology integration processes on various servers and assist to install various product solutions and manage regular communication with all customers and personnel and provide assistance to perform troubleshoot on all processes.

Provide support to all IT processes and maintain exceptional quality in all products and develop all materials according to customers and end user requirements and assist to resolve all complex issues for all internal and external customers.

Maintain an inventory of all technology procedures and products and prepare an effective schedule for same and ensure appropriate support to all IT and media services and provide service management to all resources.

Administer efficient working of media services infrastructure and assist to install an effective equipment base and monitor inventory of all products and develop an effective team for all development activities.

Monitor efficient working of support team and ensure optimal level of operational productivity in all processes and ensure compliance to all customer objectives and manage communication with various client groups to identify and resolve all issues.

Supervise working of all client groups and new services and coordinate with senior media specialists to provide consultation in all design for processes and maintain knowledge client businesses.

Collaborate with application support and IT team to provide technical expertise in various support issues and administer all contracts in assistance with production team and recommend improvements to all management processes.

Collaborate with all contract support teams and business users to ensure appropriate support to all IT processes and analyze all root causes of applications and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction.

Monitor and resolve all technical issues and mange IT architecture for all business data and events and administer efficient working of all small and large size projects and maintain an effective schedule for all projects within required budgets.

Participate in project steering committee and escalate all issues to management for resolutions and prepare reports for all projects and maintain and update all portfolios for clients.

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