IT Systems Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain all system hardware and software and install and perform regular maintenance on all software and associate ancillary equipments and manage all hardware and software throughout company.

Design and documents all security measures and standards for all computer software and hardware and ensure optimal working of all system equipments and ensure operational for same.

Maintain all computer information on everyday basis and prepare all documents for all network operation and train staff to ensure effective usage of all systems and maintain all databases and applications and maintain optimal efficiency.

Maintain knowledge on all computer information and recommend client to efficient software and hardware according to business requirements and perform continuous review of all present systems and maintain effectiveness of all systems and analyze all equipments and software.

Maintain and facilitate in approval processes for all projects and maintain all activities and applications on all People soft systems and establish all best processes for all systems.

Maintain subject matter expertise in all applications for systems and maintain knowledge on all new and upcoming technologies and provide support to all production activities and resolve all technical issues in IT systems.

Perform research and implement all technical solutions for all systems and ensure compliance to all company objectives and provide regular status reports to management and perform various tests on systems to ensure smooth workflow.

Evaluate all system practices and recommend improvements and modifications to all systems to reduce cost and upgrade systems and maintain knowledge of all company IT assets and monitor inventory for all system database.

Coordinate with various teams to configure all cell phones and laptops and evaluate all IT invoices and ensure adherence to all budget objectives and maintain record of all maintenance agreements with all third part providers.

Develop various IT strategies for al systems and perform all system maintenance and routine server programs and perform troubleshot on all network issues and facilitate reduction of process downtime.

Manage and maintain an active directory for all user account maintenance and monitor all email for systems and provide update to all Operating Systems.

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