IT Trainer Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare an effective training schedule for all company demands and provide program status for all employees and prepare all courses according to required timeframe and develop effective relationships with all departments to prepare all course materials.

Analyze all processes and recommend changes to ensure cost efficiency of all processes and provide training to all employees and design all online site courses and implement all training programs for all IT processes.

Design all training materials for employees and documents all programs for classroom implementation and coordinate with Project Manager to prepare all project requirements and prepare an effective schedule for all training.

Monitor and facilitate in all training programs for classroom teaching and analyze all delivery issues and mitigate all risks and provide cross function resolutions to improve course curriculum.

Analyze all training requirements and develop appropriate strategies to improve all programs and monitor and analyze all software releases and provide required training for same and design all curriculum courses for all demonstrations.

Provide training to all groups and front line employees and organize various training sessions for all new employees and provide tests to monitor effectiveness of all training programs.

Monitor all training programs and prepare progress reports for all employees and design all training associate materials and prepare handbooks and participate in al training sessions.

Collaborate with clients and provide access to all web portal and develop associate excel files and gather all required data.

Coordinate with all clients and provide knowledge on all product new features and prepare all required data and monitor all data and facilitate timely follow up of same and evaluate effectiveness of all training programs.

Prepare an effective schedule of all training session and prepare required programs to provide both formal and informal training and prepare required documents.

Initiate survey for all training sessions after course completion in coordination with clients.

Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of all training programs and maintain records of all resource allocation and provide support to all internal and external customers.

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