Instrument Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Ensure entire instrumentation technical work area clean and neat.

Interface effectively with operations staff members and others as suitable.

Ensure apt supply rotation and stock levels in assigned areas along with central service.

Arranges and establish case carts accurately.

Ensure to add stamp or label on supplies suitably.

Log supply distributed in computer database accurately and timely.

Record items needs to be returned appropriately.

Maintain instrumentation and equipment properly.

Conduct contaminated equipment retrieval in accordance to apt time schedule.

Ensure to clean all equipment filters as directed.

Operate properly cart wash, sonic cleaner and dryer.

Integrate cord for secure patient use by examining equipment along with electrical cords.

Ensure to re-charge equipment having battery backup.

Utilize apt method related to equipment type disinfect and clean equipment.

Ensure to notify about equipment requiring repairs to plant services department.

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