Grants Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Perform all activities to prepare and manage all grant proposals for various government agencies.

Coordinate with program staff and perform research on all programs and evaluate all budgets for grant proposals.

Administer all programs and prepare schedule for site visits with help of various members and submit it to management.

Prepare and maintain records of database and prepare files for all foundation and prepare reports to maintain track of all grant activities.

Evaluate all grant proposals and administer all terms and conditions and ensure compliance to all Brookings standards.

Maintain record of all grant bills and prepare appropriate invoices and collect balances from all administrators.

Maintain project records and prepare all modifications to resolve various application issues for grant funds.

Prepare appropriate reports for all funders and ensure work within deadline and ensure compliance to all contracts.

Coordinate with program directors and managers and prepare appropriate reports for same.

Collaborate with accounting departments and prepare financial budget and ensure adherence to all federal and state rules.

Perform all federal and state audits on all grant related information and prepare all reports for all expenses.

Monitor and track all database and ensure work within deadline and manage work according to requirements.

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