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Grants Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor program budgets and expenditure and coordinate with Program manger and ensure effective program.

Maintain records of all payments manage all change requests and perform research on all grant issues and prepare monthly records for all grant related activities.

Administer grant records and evaluate financial reports to analyze all annual progress and perform review on grant expenditure.

Evaluate all research and monitor all results in coordination with managers and manage all communication with researchers and accounting departments.

Analyze all processes, provide enhancements to all grant programs if required and manage all grant management processes according to policies and procedures.

Collaborate with staff and board members; prepare internal reports for same and submitted status reports to seniors as required.

Evaluate all budgets and analyze all costs according to budget and ensure work within appropriate deadline.

Train and provide assistance to all SIF sub grantees and resolve all tax and administrative issues and recommend improvements to various systems.

Monitor and analyze all budget trends and make recommendation for cost control for various grants.

Maintain and documents spreadsheets for all billings and prepare appropriate reports for cost allocation.

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