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Policy Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all management support team and prepare all manual chapters for all special projects as per requirements.

Manage all project information within required timeframe and complete all social projects.

Perform research on same and document all correspondence and maintain accuracy in all policies.

Participate in various meetings and conferences.

Perform all teleconferencing with clients and other department.

Prepare all presentations and associate materials and maintain confidentiality of all information.

Recommend resolutions for everyday issues and monitor all administrative operations.

Maintain efficiency of same and design effective methods to resolve all issues.

Provide optimal level of customer services to all policy holders.

Manage all technical and non technical documents for all change systems.

Provide update on controlled documentation systems and ensure compliance to all regulations.

Maintain documents according to required standards.

Evaluate all data and prepare summaries of all materials searched and maintain optimal knowledge on all product information.

Evaluate all literature programs and perform internet research on various policy issues.

Analyze all meeting summaries and participate in teleconferences.

Provide brief on all policies and participate in all meetings with key stakeholders and state legislators and develop progressive plans for various economic policies.

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