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Kitchen Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Improve customer’s experience and stimulate sales of kitchen designs.

Provide courteous and interactive support to customers by offering kitchen design according to their requirements.

Assist guests and complete design, sale remodeling projects to fulfill all guests’ needs.

Collaborate with sales support personnel to offer exceptional customer service.

Implement selling and operational kitchen design processes.

Perform as main contact for guest from collection of retainer to sale closure.

Utilize guest and selling tools as required.

Provide kitchen design assistance at home and store.

Provide creative solutions and design to meet or exceed guest’s needs.

Interact with guests’ to know about their needs, requirements and budgetary limits.

Present products to customers suitable to attain their objectives.

Promote indoor installation services along with indoors value proposition.

Schedule initial customer home visit as well as coordinate with responsible project manager.

Verify “as is” measurements and prepare scope of work working in team with PBM.

Establish detailed project budget working with customer and PBM.

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