Intervention Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Provide intervention and counseling to students in crisis.

Develop and enforce behavioral management standards.

Maintain safe and secure learning environment for students.

Develop new instructional strategies to re-engage student in learning program.

Evaluate student’s learning experience and ensure they understood the concept.

Develop educational materials to support student’s academic program.

Monitor and prepare student’s attendance form.

Evaluate student’s progress and maintain reports.

Assist student in operation of instructional equipment.

Supervise students in academic and learning activities on daily basis.

Monitor student’s behavior and attitude and report the same to Supervisor.

Interact with Supervisor, students and parents to develop individual student service plan.

Prepare and maintain accurate student reports for reference purposes.

Work in compliance with department policies and procedures.

Provide continuous student care and handle emergency services efficiently.

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