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Branch Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Resolve all inquiries and maintain inventory of all office supplies and place required purchase orders and perform all clerical work for all sales groups.

Oversee all job lot billing for customers and provide all warehouse shipments and process all customer credits to resolve all customer issues and maintain all tax certificate files for all branch activities.

Monitor processing of all branch transactions and prepare reports for all return goods and assist Quality Improvement tram to enhance all services and prepare all required paperwork for same.

Manage and resolve all issues in customer accounts and inform all customers for payments and provide pick up for same and prepare MMVR reports for all assign areas.

Develop and maintain effective relationships with all clients and staff.

Perform regular invoicing of all clients and provide support to branch staff and maintain required database to resolve all queries efficiently.

Design all employee newsletters every month and coordinate with district manager to hire and select all branch employees and prepare schedule for all employees and ensure adherence to it.

Perform bi-monthly review of branch and maintain records of all operating expenses in branches.

Coordinate with Accounts Payable department and monitor all payments to branch and vendor products sold at branch and maintain records of all inventories to ensure smooth functioning.

Analyze all branch relocation requirements and assist to identify appropriate location and provide support to all marketing activities for various promotional activities and ensure compliance to timeframe.

Design and maintain an effective tracking system for all marketing activities of branch.

Provide technical support to all branch activities and maintain professional relationships with customers and sales departments to resolve all customer issues.

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