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Demand Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Determine demand forecasts to support inventory control operations for assigned warehouses.

Monitor inventory levels and warehouse capacity in order to replenish warehouse needs

Maintain a database to store and update inventory data on regular basis.

Maintain optimal inventory level by analyzing demand patterns and changes.

Support inventory planning for holidays and special promotions.

Coordinate with Demand Manager in analyzing and troubleshooting issues related to material supplies and deliveries.

Ensure that warehouses are maintained clean, safe and orderly.

Work with Demand Manager to approve invoices for material storage and handling activities.

Assist in resolving any warehouse related issues and concerns.

Recommend process improvements to prevent out of stocks and overstock issues

Analyze root causes of inventory problems and provide permanent resolutions.

Assist Demand Manger to support rollout of new products.

Schedule regular meetings to review demands and inventory levels.

Work with sales and marketing team to identify sales opportunities and forecast.

Make adjustments to the stock levels based on customer demands.

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