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General Merchandise Clerk Reponsibilities and Duties

Develop and maintain exceptional relationships with customers and ensure emergency services availability at all time and maintain good body language.

Administer and resolve all customer queries efficiently.

Maintain stock of all products and display same in compliance to merchandising standards and coordinate with various special events for efficient merchandise selection.

Evaluate all merchandise and ensure accuracy with cash and credit payments.

Coordinate with various departments to maintain efficient SKU, assist to perform all data entry operations and maintain records of all purchase order entry on monthly basis.

Assist to recruit and train all employees in providing excellent customer services and maintaining records of all purchase orders on monthly basis.

Ensure appropriate placement of all displays to promote sales and participate in various special and athletic events to facilitate sales.

Develop all merchandising plans and ensure compliance to all quality standards.

Coordinate with customers and provide assistance to select and purchase merchandise and place all special orders and maintain inventory of products on annual basis and provide optimal level of customer services.

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