Global Sourcing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and administer an efficient global supply chain and monitor inventory for all global products and assist to increase growth.

Maintain all contracts and evaluate all performance according to contract and ensure efficient flow of all conditions in contract.

Design and implement an effective sourcing strategy to reduce costs of financial products and manage all sourcing processes.

Supervise all negotiations and prepare appropriate documents for same.

Monitor all sourcing strategies and policies and ensure achievement of all business objectives and perform appropriate negotiations with all suppliers.

Coordinate with vendors on all prices of products and recommend ways to reduce costs of components and finished products and prepare non disclosure agreement for various sources.

Collaborate with marketing team and initiate appropriate changes to engineering team and manage all research and development process.

Manage all communication with global sourcing team and identify all standardized amterials.

Administer all commodity sourcing activities and coordinate with sourcing team to consolidate processes and select appropriate materials.

Analyze customer requirements and prepare appropriate contracts and negotiate for all purchase materials.

Develop new suppliers in various low cost regions of world.

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